Lindsolutions Sealingtape is a damage prevention product designed to counteract the damage that often occurs in connection with cloudbursts and storm surges. The Sealingtape is mounted in doors and windows when there are warnings of cloudbursts or storm surges, thereby securing against water penetration. No special prerequisites are required for mounting The Sealingtape. Using the tape avoids costs for repairing damage to both the home and things that are stored. No constructive intervention is required to assemble The Sealingape and there is no damage to doors and windows, even when the tape is removed after use. When the tape is removed, there may be glue residue left, these are easily removed with a cloth and benzine.

The Sealingape is fitted when a cloudburst or storm surge is notified. Doors and windows are not blocked with tape and can therefore be easily opened if a need arises to leave the building. Lindsolutions Sealingtape can also be installed as a preventive measure when leaving the home or holiday home for a period. Should a cloudburst or storm occur while you are away, the Sealingtape will ensure that no water damage occurs through doors and windows. It is not recommended to mount the Sealingtape permanently, as wear when using doors and windows causes wear on the tape and there is a risk that the tape will be damaged and the desired effect will not occur when it is needed. Previously securing with sandbags can be completely avoided by using the Sealingtape which is significantly easier to install and much less costly. The Sealing tape is to be stored dry in a cupboard and taken out when the need arises.

The Sealingtape has been tested several times and in several different environments. The tape has passed our own test, where it has completely blocked water penetration for 120 hours. Furthermore, it has been tested with a water level rise of 50mm in 10 minutes with the same result. Cloudburst is defined as 15mm of precipitation in 30 minutes, ie much less than our test. The Sealingtape swells up to 30 times the thickness in 3 minutes when exposed to water. When the tape is fully swollen and saturated with water, this condition and effect can be maintained for several days until the water level has dropped and it is safe to remove the tape.

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