Alm. Fire


In Alm. At Brand, we create a safe environment for our customers, and we want to help them avoid injuries. That is why we support the Water Protection Products from Lind Solutions, which can prevent and prevent the damage that often occurs during a cloudburst.


“As an insurance company, we are of course there if the damage occurs. But heirlooms, family photos or an old record collection that is destroyed by water, we can not replace. Here, the water protection plug from Lind Solutions is a really good help to avoid injuries, ”says claims director in Alm. Brand, Brian Wahl Olsen.


In Alm. Brand we can help you with much more than insurance. We have combined banking, insurance and pension and can thus give you a comprehensive overview of your entire finances. Read more about how we can help you - here

As a customer of Alm. Brand you get a 15% discount at Lind Solutions. Use discount code: ALMB1

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