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Lindsol is a family-owned entrepreneurial business that focuses on developing and producing solutions to prevent flooding of homes.   

Lindsol was established in 2014 by Terkel Lind, who himself experienced the consequences of a huge cloudburst in Copenhagen in 2011. The cloudburst is registered as the "most expensive" cloudburst in Europe and did cost insurance companies DKK 6.2 billion.

“In 2011, I was standing with broken furniture, washing machine and power tools when the basement was under water after the cloudburst. With a desire not to be in that situation again, I searched the market for solutions that could be installed in the house. To my great surprise, I only found products that could possibly solve part of the problem, but not a selection of solutions that could secure my house. Available products were also extremely expensive and the cost of thosse did not match the assumed benefits when I also had an insurance that covered the damage. ”

In collaboration with the largest insurance companies in Denmark, we established a goal of developing products that are efficient, inexpensive and that can be easily installed by the individual homeowner. The goal is for the individual homeowner to have the opportunity to take responsibility for their home without it spending a fortune.

The development of the products is based on stopping the water in the order it penetrates the home.

The first place the water penetrates during cloudbursts and storm surges is at doors and windows in the ground floor or basement level. Therefore, we developed and launched our first product Sealingtape, in order to solve this problem. The Sealingtape swells when it comes in contact with water and thus shuts off penetrating water at doors and windows.

Our Drain Plug was launched in 2018 and is a cheap alternative to a backwater valve. It can stop the water with a water pressure of up to 4 meters and shuts off both drains for washing, shower and washing machine at the same time. It must be fitted at notice and removed after use. In relation to a backwater valve that costs 30,000-50,000, the price of 395, - is a decisive factor for the insurance companies.

Our latest product, the Rainwater Valve, aims to stop the water before it hits our home. In the event of heavy rain or cloudbursts, the water is disconnected from the sewer and led out to the terrain. This prevents the pressure in the sewer from rising so that the sewage water is forced into our houses.

We focus on creating value and are based in Denmark, therefore all development, tests and production takes place in Denmark. We only use environmentally friendly materials in our products, so our products are produced in 100% recycled plastic and all our packaging is FSC marked.


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