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At LIND SOLUTIONS you can pay with VISA / Dankort, VISA, VISA / ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MASTERCARD Direct and MAESTRO. If you pay with VISA or other credit cards, the invoice amount will be deducted from your credit card when the goods are shipped. If the item cannot be delivered or rejected due to damage, etc., or if you exercise your right of withdrawal, the invoice amount for the item in question will be credited to your account when LIND SOLUTIONS has received your returned items.


All prices are current prices and are updated regularly. Prices are always shown incl. VAT, unless otherwise stated. Reservations are made for price increases, currency changes, force majeure, tax changes, sold-out items and printing errors.


The shipping price will be stated before you approve your order. The price depends on which items you order, as the shipping price depends on the weight of the item. All items are sent with Post Nord, and are delivered the day after dispatch. To limit shipping costs, in some cases we will ship your order in more than one package.

In the following you can see the shipping costs:

 Shipping costs in DKK

 Weight Denmark        

0-20 kg 75.00              



Delivery of goods is considered to have taken place when Post Nord has delivered the goods to the order address and you have received the goods. Should you not be at home at the time of delivery, Post Nord delivers a note stating that the goods have been attempted to be delivered. Where you can pick up the goods will be indicated. LIND SOLUTIONS cannot be held responsible for delays in deliveries as well as any craftsman costs in connection with delayed deliveries and transport damage.


Once you have received your items, you must compare these with the order confirmation. We strongly recommend that you check the item / package for transport damage before acknowledging receipt. If there is damage to an item, you must object to Post Nord on the spot. Never acknowledge without making remarks if any of the goods are damaged. If in doubt, we recommend that the box is not only checked externally. Receipt for receipt is the same as saying that the item is in order. 

If the item / packaging is damaged, you can 1) refuse receipt, after which Post Nord takes the package back and then contact us or 2) receive the package, but acknowledge with "Received with reservations", so the contents of the package can be checked after Post Nord has left .

If you only discover the damage after you have opened the package, you must contact the local post office or us. Send an email to info@lindsolutions.dk with a description of the damage, and we will contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem. Please note that this email must reach us no later than 2 days after receipt.


If the package was sent with Post Nord, you must contact the local post office or us if 1) there are defects in the package or 2) the contents are damaged. It is important that the packaging is retained for possible later inspection by the carrier. Visible defects or defects must be reported to us on the day of delivery or no later than the day after! Subsequent inquiries may result in the case being rejected by the transport company.


We cover transport costs in connection with incorrectly delivered goods when shipping via Post Nord. If you have received a defective item, we encourage you to contact us. We send a return slip via e-mail, which you must put on the return package, so that the shipment itself does not cost you anything. A copy of the order confirmation must be placed in the box together with the item. We will of course exchange and send a new item as soon as we have received the defective item, unless otherwise agreed.


7.1 Should you regret your purchase, all items can be returned and the money returned within 14 days of receipt.

7.2 Your goods must be returned in the same condition and quantity as on receipt. For products where the packaging is in solid material, cardboard box with logo or print and sealed boxes, the following applies: The original packaging must always be returned in a condition that makes resale possible. The packaging shows useful information about the product's use as well as goals / values, which is necessary information for our other customers. As no new packaging can be obtained for the products, the packaging has significant value for the product and must therefore be returned in undamaged condition. It is important that no tape or other stickers are affixed directly to the original packaging. It must also not be written directly on the original packaging. If the packaging is not returned, or if the packaging is damaged, the conditions for the right of withdrawal are not met.

7.3 If you regret your purchase before receiving the item, simply refuse receipt of the item. However, you must be aware that the return shipping is your responsibility. This return shipping is not necessarily the same as you provided to have the item shipped to you.

7.4 If you have entered an incorrect recipient address and the item is thus returned to us, you must be aware that the return shipping and the cost of return is borne by you. Return shipping and reshipment are not necessarily the same as you provided to have the item shipped the first time.

7.5 Items returned UFRANCO or on COD are refused receipt without prior agreement. You are responsible for the item arriving in complete condition. If the item is sent by Post Nord, it must be sent "with delivery", so that the package does not return.


If service is required, our technical service can be contacted via e-mail: info@lindsolutions.dk


As a consumer, you have a two-year right to make a complaint, which means that you can either have the item repaired, exchanged, your money back or a reduction in the price, depending on the specific situation. This, of course, requires that the complaint is justified. Should the item unexpectedly break during the complaint period, the item must be sent to us.

We do not cover craftsmen or other expenses in connection with warranty or complaint.


We reserve the right of ownership of delivered goods until the full purchase price has been paid in full.


We reserve the right to make any tax changes, price and proofreading errors, technical errors, sold-out goods and force majeure, including labor disputes and deficiencies in or delays in deliveries from subcontractors, unless otherwise follows from the mandatory rules of Danish law.


If you are a business customer, procured goods will not be returned. (Procurement items are defined as items with a delivery time of more than 5 days). Stock items are subject to a return fee of 30% (up to 14 days after purchase). After this, the item can not be returned. Unless otherwise agreed, traders are only granted a 12-month right to make a complaint, as the complaint must be made immediately after an error or defect has been established. Traders have a duty to make such an examination of a purchased item as proper business use requires. Pursuant to section 245 of the Administration of Justice Act, the parties have agreed that any legal disputes between the parties shall take place at the Court in Copenhagen.


Once you have placed an item order via our website, our system will automatically send you an e-mail stating which products you have ordered. You should be aware that the automatic reply via e-mail is NOT a legally binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement has been entered into. This is only an electronic receipt for receipt of your order. We therefore have the option to cancel the order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failure and similar situations.


We refer to our customer service for more information about payment security, how to shop and frequently asked questions.

All agreements with LIND SOLUTIONS are entered into in Danish.

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Disclosure of information

We do not pass on information regarding our customers to third parties for direct marketing or the like. We pass on information about name, address, email, telephone number and purchase information to your insurance company, if you have used a discount code you have received from the insurance company. We pass on the following to our suppliers so that they can send the item to you: name, address, postcode, email and telephone number. No further information than the above is disclosed.

Collection of information

LIND SOLUTIONS collects information about you as a customer on various pages. Mainly, however, this happens on our order page, where phone number, name, address and e-mail are required for us to receive an order. We do not store submitted Dankort numbers, but only a receipt from NETS, which allows us to withdraw an amount that is less than or equal to the amount you have accepted. The site uses, like all businesses programmed in ASP, cookies. Cookies are used exclusively to keep the shopping baskets separate on the server.

The reason we collect information is that this is a necessity for our warehouse to send you goods. We use your email and your telephone number, so we have the opportunity to contact you to provide information regarding your order status. Unfortunately, it is not possible to limit the amount of information provided to us as we believe it is an absolute minimum required.


Storage of information

The information collected on our website is stored for at least 5 years in order to provide a guarantee and meet the requirements of the Accounting Act. Information provided on our website is not passed on or sold in any way to third parties, and we do not register any personally sensitive information. We do not store customer information encrypted. We do not transmit customer information encrypted. As registered with LIND SOLUTIONS, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act. Inquiries in connection with this should be directed to LIND SOLUTIONS by email: info@lindsolutions.dk.


At www.lindsolutions.dk, cookies are used for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionalities, and thus making the visit as easy as possible for you. You always have the option to delete cookies from your computer.


Log statistics are used on www.lindsolutions.dk, which means that a statistics system collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors the website has had, where they come from, on which part of the website this is left etc. The information is used to improve the site.

Personal data

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