Rainwater valve - 75mm

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Lindsol Rainwater Valve is a damage prevention product designed to counteract the damage that often occurs in connection with heavy rain or cloudbursts. The rainwater valve is mounted on 75mm downpipes. No special prerequisites are required to install the Rainwater Valve. When using the Rainwater Valve, costs for repairing damage to both the home and things that are stored can be avoided.

The Rainwater Valve disconnects the water to the sewer in the event of heavy rain or cloudbursts, thereby relieving rising water from floor drains.

  • The Rainwater Valve is very simple to install
  • Shuts off water to the sewer
  • Permanent solution - one-time investment
  • Contains leaf catcher - so you avoid leaves and other dirt in the sewer
  • Very little maintenance, the valve is cleaned 1-2 times a year.
  • Can be adapted to the roof area
  • 5 valves are included that close at 10,15,20,25 and 30 liters / minute, respectively
  • Contributes to groundwater - naturally purified
  • Reduces pressure on sewer system
  • Reduces use of treatment plants and discharges
  • Fits about 80% of all downspouts, plastic, zinc and aluminum (75mm)
The Rainwater Valve is produced in Denmark from 100% recycled plastic and all packaging is FCS marked.
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